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University and college stakeholders increasingly expect you to meet new standards of social, financial and environmental performance. Students, regulators, and other powerful stakeholders are connecting your academic and financial performance with your social and environmental impacts. The global imperatives behind sustainability today have very real implications in terms of how you account for and run your institution.

More than at any other time, our sector needs to be at the strategic table, playing a central and convening role, increasing and demonstrating the value we bring to society and fostering world-class standards of practice.

Who is the EAUC Membership for?

EAUC Membership has no limits on numbers. So, all of your staff, students and student representatives can enjoy the many services and benefits available!

Membership benefits

With your Membership, you receive a number of benefits which are available to all of your institutional contacts. These include a number of fantastic discounts on EAUC products and services

Membership price tiers

Find out the appropriate tier for your Membership and how our competitive rates compare to other similar membership organisations.

Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is free for Members. This brings new opportunities for you to use the products and services in Membership and to drive improvement.

The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is a planning and self-assessment tool specifically for colleges and universities to improve social responsibility and environmental performance through a whole institution approach. The Scorecard systematically guides you through the design, planning and delivery of your strategic sustainability activities. Find out more

Saving you money – opportunities through Membership

  • Realise economic and carbon savings
  • Engage and empower your students and staff
  • Improve your efficiency
  • Improve your international reputation and distinctiveness
  • Equip your graduates with the skills they need
  • Ensure compliance
  • Prove your role in your community
  • Future proof your institution
  • Save time
  • Learn from the best examples
  • Lead the sector with a strong voice

Strength in numbers

The EAUC is the Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education. We are a strong alliance of universities and colleges, sector bodies, and commercial organisations who work together in the UK and internationally. With the yearly increase in the number of Member contacts using our services, we are the recognised hub of sustainability best practice in the tertiary education sector.

We stand strong individually, but make a far greater impact when together:

EAUC Membership is critical to show your institution’s commitment to embedding sustainability wherever you may be on your journey. We know it’s not easy, but together we face a stronger future and we’re with our Members every step of the way. View our Member testimonials to hear what just two of our Members value about EAUC Membership.

We are the only independent non-profit, member-led body of this kind in the UK and Ireland, and we exist to support our Members in their environmental, social and economic performance. The EAUC has evolved beyond recognition since its establishment in 1996, and today we are building a new generation of resources to meet our Members’ more challenging needs.

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