Expanded Horizons

Improved organisational reach

We have the potential to act as a powerful, collaborative platform that creates networks within post-16 institutions, as well as on the local, regional, national, and international scales. We must maximise our networks, as well as turn to new horizons in order to spread the sustainability message more widely and impact at the global level. In return, we will bring back new learning and opportunities for our members and leverage greater impact on institutional strategies.


  • We will contribute to the wider sustainability agenda through local, national and international awards and alliances.
  • We will harness post-16 education institutions as influencers for wider change with supported regional member groups and relationships with schools, local governments and other organisations and businesses.
  • We will convene the post-16 education sector to work together to share knowledge and expertise to drive change.

Our Primary Delivery Programmes involved in delivering this Goal:

Delivered by EAUC