Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

Welcome to the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) with a new look and feel.

Watch the informational video on the NEW Sustainability Leadership Scorecard below:

With the attached User Guide, we invite you to take the following action steps:

  • Add or update your score – see page 8 of the User Guide
  • Set a target – see page 8 of the User Guide
  • View any tools already set against your institution. Add, remove or change them – see page 7 of the User Guide
  • Review and update SDG’s relevant to your institution -  see page 11 of the User Guide

SLS Purpose

Developed in partnership with EAUC, the purpose of the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) is to measure the sustainability performance within higher and further education institutions and provide a framework for continued sustainability effort. This can then be used to drive innovation and encourage knowledge transfer within the sector.

SLS Structure

The SLS comprises 18 standard frameworks developed to address current and emerging sustainability themes. Frameworks are grouped within four priority areas. Each framework is made up of 8 activities and scoring is given at an activity level. All scoring is based on a 0 to 4 scale.

The EAUC and AUDE delivered a User Webinar for the new SLS on 27th October 2022, in which its new functions and features were demonstrated and discussed. You can now watch this back below.


Automatically drawing on your current EMR data, plus many of the sustainability standards and accreditations you have achieved, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard:

  • Allows a coordinated whole-institution approach to sustainability
  • Provides reports that you can use to communicate performance success within your institution, to set new targets, and to monitor and improve progress
  • Gives choice over which aspects of sustainability you could focus on
  • Is free and easy to use for all EAUC and AUDE members in the UK and Ireland

International Users

SLS is available to institutions worldwide, for the annual fee of US$150.  If you wish to proceed, please provide us with invoicing details so we can raise an invoice to you for the amount of $150. Once we have received payment, a Login to access SLS will be issued to you.  


How do I get a login?

If you are already a user of the Green Scorecard your login remains the same, if you need a reminder email  EAUC members and colleges just email us and we will send you the details.

Not a university or college?

AUDE developed the Green Scorecard, which allows universities to enter details on their performance on activities related to estates. This data includes automatically updated HESA Estates Management Records (EMR) data. This means that the related estates activities will already be pre-populated with scores which you can edit. With the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard we have extended cover whole institution areas.

Public sector organisations can still use the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard – you will just not have the above pre-populated scores. There is a small annual charge for access. Please contact us for details. The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is currently not available for commercial organisations.

How is does this link to the Green Scorecard?

The new Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is one web portal and login which includes the Green Scorecard. Simply use the Green Scorecard element of the tool if you wish.

How are the estates elements from the Green Scorecard linked with the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

If your institution has EMR data already within the Green Scorecard, we have mapped your scores from the Green Scorecard to the relevant estates activity areas in the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard, so there is no duplication on data entry. You do not need to do anything extra.<

Why should I complete it and what is going to happen to the data?

EAUC and AUDE will jointly produce an annual report on the sector’s activity and performance based on the collective data. We do not use individual data of institutions or name them. We may ask for case studies or examples of achievements from institutions but this will always be done with your permission. 

Do I need to do all the areas in the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

No, you choose which areas you would like to focus on. You can choose areas that you feel you are already achieving success in, to produce easy and engaging reports to your management teams. You can then build on other areas and the tool can be the action planner to help you achieve success.

I am in the Republic of Ireland – can I use the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

Yes, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is available to any post-16 education institution in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Visit the new SLS website!

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