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Long-term institutional success begins with sustainability

Socially responsible and sustainable institutions take a long-term view of their relationships with students before, during and after their time at university or college. This improves student access, retention, performance and employability.

Institutions that embrace strategic sustainability create more socially aware and sustainability-driven graduates that can demonstrate the practical, intellectual, innovation and resiliency skills which the modern workforce urgently needs. This is because knowing - and practicing - sustainability can improves employability and employment outcomes. Simply, it broadens a student's perspectives, encourages a long-term view, and teaching them creative and collaborative solutions to complex problems. Approaches such as cross-disciplinary teaching and research are positively associated with good sustainability outcomes. EAUC's Living Labs is proof of this.

What might you gain from prioritising sustainability?


  • Embracing the connections between sustainability and your institution's public profile, research outcomes and overall income.
  • Becoming better placed to build research partnerships, respond to funding priorities* and deliver research with impact.
  • Being ahead of the curve where sustainability, and its relationship with research and teaching, is of growing importance to stakeholders – including to government, business and the third sector bodies.

*Funders increasingly look to understand and address global societal challenges by using research and innovation in the knowledge economy. The Research Excellence Framework (REF) incentivises institutions to demonstrate impact on sustainable development, by explicitly assessing impact on society, economy, culture, environment, health and quality of life.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide a globally acknowledged framework for institutions to realise that impact and are of increasing interest to UK Research Councils, industry and philanthropy efforts.


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