How to promote your EAUC membership

You can promote your EAUC Membership in many ways, to highlight your institution's commitment to sustainability. We encourage you do this internally and externally! 

Here are five easy ways to make a start: 

1. Write an article on your membership to include on your website, portal, intranet or newsletter. This could be related to you recently renewing your membership, or the ambitions you share with the EAUC.

2. Include our activities in your sustainability newsletter if you have one.

3. Include a description and link to our website on your sustainability or environmental pages.

4. Add your personalised membership certificate to your institution's website and share it on your social media platforms. Generate your EAUC certificate via the "My EAUC" page.

5. Download one of the EAUC's Member logos and attach it to your email signature and website.

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