Partnerships, Society & Engagement

Long-term institutional success begins with sustainability 

Education is at the heart of global sustainability and, together, university and college institutions address the most pressing societal challenges.

Institutions exhibiting global sustainability within their teaching, research and operations stand to enhance their position in doing good for society, while also decreasing reputational risks and increasing their investment potential.

These institutions are positioned to pursue a wider range of partnerships for advancing their economic, cultural and social capital. Strategic partnerships generate innovation, which enables the institutions to deliver on their core mission.

Universities and colleges are increasingly expected to act as agents for change in their communities. Sustainable institutions will increase community resilience by helping to tackle inequality and improve the quality of life for local people. In turn, this attracts students and promote regional growth.

The EAUC resources:

For Support Staff

  • Enter the Green Gown Awards to showcase your sustainability initiatives and receive the most prestigious recognition of best practice within further and higher education. Specific categories include Benefitting Society, Enterprise, Student Engagement and Sustainability Champion for Students and Staff
  • Gain insight into Procurement, Community & Public Engagement and Business & Industry Interface.
  • Engage more colleagues by attending the Emerging Leaders Programme to learn about influencing and communicating.
  • Sign the The SDG Accord. This scheme is the global university and college sector’s collective response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through which Signatories showcase, report on, and improve upon their climate-conscious efforts. 

For Sustainability Specialists

The EAUC Scotland Office are funded by the Scottish Funding Council to deliver additional support to Universities and Colleges in Scotland, and many of the events and resources produced by them are open to all EAUC Members. Find out more about their work on the Scotland webpage.
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